Eddie’s Third

We had a party for Eddie last month. His birthday was a few weeks afterwards but it worked best to have the party earlier.



A few takeaways:

One: It was easy. It was one of the lowest maintenance shindigs I have ever thrown. Sort of by accident. I rented out the Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library. I didn’t make anything. I just went to Costco the morning of and bought a whole bunch of snacky-kid-food-things. I thought about decorations, or making it a theme party. But then I didn’t. The holidays are just too crazy. And I knew Eddie wouldn’t care. I thought about making him a cake, but then I didn’t. I just got a grocery store sheet cake with Lightening McQueen on it. I’m sure he liked that better.

Two: The Pittsburgh Toy Lending Library is fucking awesome. Its a large space, filled with all kinds of toys, climby things, and wheelie things, with room for tons of kids. And I think you can borrow the toys… hence the name “lending library” although we’ve never explored that option. We had the space for over six hours, all to ourselves. They have a little kitchenette, with a fridge, a microwave and just like, random plates, kid forks and sippy-cups that you might need. Small little kid tables for little kids to eat at. They have a little honor system “snack bar”, which is basically fruit cups, string cheese, applesauce pouches in the fridge. And coffee. So I could drink coffee for a dollar, even though I didn’t think about bringing coffee and definitely needed coffee. It’s like they knew. “She’s going to need coffee.” And its all 100% volunteer run. So that was great.

Three: Seriously? How fucking cool is my kid? Eddie is so cool. He’s smart and funny and kind (most of the time) and rambunctious. He says the most hilarious things. He likes cars and trains, you know, like lots of little kids. He likes to be alone a lot of the time. He’s not always the biggest fan of other people. In fact, he seems to give zero fucks about what others think. Which means it can be very difficult to persuade him once he has made up his mind. And it also means he has no interest in being cute or funny or performing in any way for strangers. Nope, he reserves the sternest silence and biggest and best stink eye for strangers. However, he’s amazingly sweet and affectionate toward people he likes. Those who have earned his trust. We got to the PTLL early to set up, so Eddie had a good half hour of all the toys to himself. He was on cloud nine, and it occurred to me, that had we invited no one at all, it would have still been a great party in his eyes. I kind of love being a mom.


I took some pictures. But I have zero guilt about having no picture of him and his cake. Or everyone singing, or him blowing out the candles, because that was the funnest part and I’m so glad I just looked at him with my eyes instead of getting pictures. Because his little face when everyone was singing “happy birthday” to him was the greatest. He does this little thing when he gets excited where he clenches his fists and just kind of shivers a little. My sister calls it “getting ready to blast off into space.”


It was great.



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