Hanging out with Elliot and Lucy

Happy New Year!

In honor of the new year, yesterday I ran approximately 0.5 miles on a treadmill before nearly collapsing in exhaustion. #newyearnewme

In all seriousness I am not usually one for resolutions. They just don’t stick with me. And it seems to me, if you can’t stick to something, it probably doesn’t really mean all that much to you. So maybe reexamine why you think you want to do that thing you resolved to do.

There is one thing I’d like to do this year. I won’t call it a resolution; its more of a goal. And goals I can definitely get behind. I’d really like to get paid for one or more of my creative hobbies. Be that photography, visual design, or illustration; I’d like to start freelancing on the side. It’s not really a matter of how much money I make, its more about validation and actualization for me. These are things that I have been passionate about my entire life, and it’s time for them to become a more active presence in my life.

These are some pictures I took in November. And this little outing was one of the catalysts for my 2017 goal. It was Lynn’s idea to get our families together, head to a local park, and take some pictures that we could use for holiday cards. Her family was much more cooperative than mine! But, I still think we got some good shots, and I love the one of our boys on the tire swing together. (which Lynn actually took!)

Fun fact(s): Lynn and I went to high school, college, and grad school together about 250 miles from Pittsburgh. Counting our summer jobs during high school, we’ve worked together at five different organizations. So glad we both ended up in the same city!

Here’s to 2017! May your resolutions be stickier than mine!



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