Eight Months.

This baby girl is eight months old today. TODAY. This might be timeliest post ever posted by me. Might I finally be escaping the brain-fog of having a new baby? Am I inching back towards competent? Too early to tell. I sometimes think that if I ever again paint my fingernails – as in, there is time in the day for me to apply nail color and let it dry without a child or a chore smudging it, and that time happens to occur while I am alert and awake enough to do so – that will surely be a sign that I am back to my normal self again.

Oh. Back to Thea.


She’s pretty cute, right?

She is great at sitting up, and has been for a few months. No real signs of crawling yet. No teeth. She is a super pleasant baby, thank goodness, and a great smiler.

It’s funny how even at this age their personalities are so evident. She’s just a totally different baby than Eddie was. She’s less boisterous, and more… gentle? Or something? It’s hard to really describe it, but they’re just different. Although he is pretty introverted now, Eddie was fearless as a baby. Thea is quieter and more reserved. She doesn’t care for strangers.

Let’s compare to Eddie at eight months. Geez that seems like a long time ago.

Alright, now go vote!


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