Ohhh, food.


This is such a first world problem, for sure, but I find myself constantly torn over what my motives for choosing food should be focused on. Healthy? Environmentally sound? Economical? Ethical? Convenient?

Every Sunday I have been prepping breakfasts, lunches, snacks to take to work for the entire week. And attempting to meal plan a bit better for dinners, as well. This is the only way I can prevent myself from eating the [entire] Wendy’s Drive Thru every day for lunch, and ordering pizza every evening for dinner.

And there are, like, 500 more important things happening in my life, and a million more important things happening in the world, than what I eat for lunch. But my obsessive compulsive tendencies enjoy the mundanity of dividing and packing up a bunch of little munchable portions. It gives me some pleasant illusion of control.

Anyway. In this instance, I am zeroing in on health, convenience, and economics. It will reduce food waste, too, I suppose. So, environmentally sound, too? But I dunno, I end up using a decent amount of plastic bags. Guess I need to invest in more of these guys.

I guess I’m just saying “fuck you” to food ethics for the time being. Sorry chickens and cows and eggs and sustainable fished salmon! Someday I will realign my priorities in your favor! Someday, I will blog about something important.



One thought on “Containers.

  1. I just read this post and honestly I need to do this because I do order McDonald’s at least once a week and pizza once a week.

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