Thea Josephine.

We’ve been a little busy. Look who has joined us!


Sweet little Thea.

This little lady officially joined our family on March 8th 2016.


6lb 14oz (nearly two pounds smaller than big brother was; I bet I could have VBAC-ed her after all!)


We’ve spent the last four months getting to know her.

Favorite sound: “Oeww.”

Second favorite sound: (bubbles)

She is as cute as a fucking button, people.


Let me tell you. Two kids is no joke.

She stopped crying incessantly just in time for me to go back to work.

I still feel like I’m in some kind of thick fog. I think it’s the sweet fog of whatever they use to erase 75% of your memory of the newborn phase. Leaving just the memory of their coos, snuggles, toothless grins, baby feet, and the way their delicious heads smell.

Because otherwise, no one would ever have more than one baby.

But, she is as cute as a fucking button.

And Eddie likes her, too.



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