House Updates: Kitchen Progress!

Let me tell you something about our kitchen renovation. It was a loooong three weeks… that turned into twelve weeks.

Yes, our kitchen remodel took twelve weeks. There was a Thanksgiving Holiday in there. So, minus that, I guess.

I will now tantalize you with some in-progress pictures.

Here’s the wall (or former wall) between the kitchen and the dining room:

Just the slats.
Wall is gone, half-wall is dry walled.


Cabinets, appliances, floors in. Counter-tops on, back splash tile is set, but not grouted.

And here are some in progress shots from the other side of the kitchen:

Like, totally gutted. Yikes!
The new cabinets.
Cabinets, appliance, floors in, counter-tops on, back splash tile is set, but not grouted.


Okay, I know those images aren’t really tantalizing. They’re kind of terrifying. But that’s what I have lived with for the better part of three months.

Let’s just say:

We had to put our George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine to hard work.

We cleaned layers upon layers of plaster dust off all of our surfaces. Every day.

We had to get REALLY creative about washing dishes. (Mop sink? Ew.)

We ate a lot of take out.

I cried real tears about the chaos and disarray.

But it’s coming together nicely. Finally.

Here’s some of our inspiration. I know I already posted some of our inspiration, but this is UPDATED inspiration. As in: these are some of the actual products we used, combined with some of my actual existing kitchen stuff (small appliances, wall art, etc)

I just. can’t. wait.

Oh, but what else is going on?

I’m seven months pregnant.

Gestational Diabetes.

I just took a new position at work. With more work and less flexible hours.

My sweet toddler is trying on his terrible twos hat. Turns out, he is great at it.

I’m so fucking tired.

Seriously, I can rarely make it through an entire day without a nap.

I’ve just been feeling like things will never calm down. Like I will never again get the hang of everyday life. Like I will never again have my shit together.

Even though my last maternity leave was a special kind of hell in its own way, I am really looking forward to maternity leave. I’m really looking forward to sitting down and not being able to move because a baby is sleeping on me. Honestly, right now, that sounds great, y’all.


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