Loving Lately:

Haven’t done one of these posts in a while…

This podcast:


Stuff Mom Never Told You. I feel like this podcast is often overlooked among the How Stuff Works family. I hear lots of people talk about Stuff You Should Know, and others. They are great shows, too, no doubt. But SMNTY has had me hooked for a good four years now. Christen and Caroline are both smart, funny, sassy and well-spoken. The podcast is always well researched, if not sometimes a little overly statistics/data heavy. And of course they dig into all kinds of interesting and controversial women’s issue topics. And other topics too. Pretty much anything that falls under gender topics and relations. History, sociology, and medical/science stuff. Check that shit out!

These leggings:


I don’t care what you say. Hue leggings ARE pants. They are thick. No panty-lines, no seeing-through-when-you-bend-over. They come in about a million colors and patterns. They are comfy. I discovered them right after my son was born, and they were the best postpartum pants. High-wasted, pooch-covering, forgiving. I just stuck with them. Until recently, when I became too hugely pregnant again to even wear stretchy pants. Hue Leggings are either my fun little fashion secret, or I am horrifically style-challenged, no one has told me, and the joke’s on me.  Either is totally possible. But it seems like only 60-year-old ladies are buying them besides me. Or at least that’s the impression I get from the reviews on their website. Maybe 60-year-old-ladies are on to something.

This shop:


Super cute kid’s clothes alert! Earth Cadets has great little kid’s tees. They are well-made, high quality, and meet all of  my requirements: aesthetically pleasing graphics, no douchey sayings, good colors, mostly gender-neutral and a pleasant departure from the blue-griege color choices available for boys. Eddie owns this paper airplane shirt and its a big hit.




Because I’m too pregnant to drink cocktails. When I was pregnant the first time, it bummed me out that when I went into a bar (because that’s what I do when I am pregnant) the only non-alcoholic drink they could seem to scrounge up was like, OJ and seltzer. I don’t love super-sweet drinks to begin with. My go-to cocktail is a Manhattan, and honestly, I’m more of a beer girl. The lack of creativity in no-booze drinks saddened me. So this time I have been on the hunt for drink recipes that are fun and interesting, minus booze.


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