House Updates: Kitchen

You’ll be happy to know that our backyard updates are coming along. You know, just in time for the cold, miserable weather.

So, onto the kitchen. We are completely overhauling this space. As in: contractors, architects, designers. We’re installing new cabinets and counter-tops, re-tiling the floor, and removing the wall between the kitchen and the dining room. All the fixin’s. I feel so grown up. Remodeling a kitchen seems like something someone’s parents do.

And then I remember that I am someone’s parent…

Anyway. When we first moved in, I didn’t really have a problem with the kitchen. In fact, I thought it looked pretty good. It was small, but had good appliances. New-ish cabinets and counter tops. Decent natural light.

What it looks like now:

Well… More accurately, what it looked like before we moved in.


And then I put all my stuff in it. Lived in it for a while. Cooked in it. Cleaned it.

And slowly started to hate it.

Here’s the thing. The room its self is not that small. But there is only one wall of cabinet/counter. So there is totally not enough room for things. There is no pantry. All of our pantry items are in the basement. There’s very little counter space, and then when you consider that we have to keep so many things on the counter (fruit bowls, food canisters, small appliances, containers of kitchen utensils), because of the lack of storage space, it adds up to a food prep nightmare. Every time I take something out of the oven, I spend about a minute spinning around, looking for a safe place to put it.

Oh. And here’s the other thing. It’s dirty. Or it always seems dirty. I think its the color. The kitchen floor is off white tile with dirt-colored swirls. And the counter-tops are speckled brown laminate. Which doesn’t seem like it should be too different from the counter-tops in our previous home, which were grey speckled granite. And the cabinets, while good quality, are light natural wood. And that’s fine, but combined with everything else, that’s a lot of fucking beige/brown.


Oh, and that big florescent light fixture has to go too. Fluorescent lighting is just the worst, in my opinion.

My inspiration:


this is the part that feels a little gutsy me: We’re using Ikea. Is that gutsy? It seems like Ikea gets a bad rap for being cheap, convenience, college furniture. Not furniture you’re going to keep long term. And I’m sure professional cabinet makers just shudder at the thought of all that particle board.

But here is the thing. Or the things. Because there are several of them.

  • Every Ikea kitchen I have seen looks gorgeous. They are modern, smart, and amazingly well-organized. But how is the quality?
  • Well, they seem to get great reviews.
  • We talked to a bunch of contractors, people we know, people we hired, etc. All of them said good thing about Ikea’s kitchens.
  • Their cabinets come with a 25 year warranty.
  • Dude. The price. We could never afford to gut our kitchen and remodel it if we went the traditional route. I bet our existing dirty kitchen cost more than the new one we’re putting in. Minus the cost of the wall we’re removing.

I feel pretty good about this. ONWARD!


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