House Updates: The backyard

So a few months ago, we moved into a new home. As I have mentioned, about a kazillion times on this blog. Clearly, the move was somewhat traumatic for me. Now that the dust has (sort of) settled, Matt and I have started to really focus on making the house our own. I thought I’d share some of our current spaces and my future hopes. Or pipe dreams. Possibly.

I’ll start with the backyard. Because, that’s kind of the most important part, right? Where else are you going to barbecue?

What it looks like now:

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It’s not a big space. But almost no home in the city limits of Pittsburgh has a huge yard. When we were house-hunting, I honestly thought the fact that the whole yard (save that little courtyard) was paved was a big compromise. It’s kind of not-really-a-yard. But honestly? It’s awesome. No mowing. It’s relatively flat. It’s super private. The little courtyard with trees makes it nice and shady and adds a touch of nature. And bonus: Our dog loves to poop in it. Okay, not a bonus, really.

Someday, when it’s all spiffed up, I can’t wait to have a big ole’ party out there.

Even though it’s small, I’d really love to squeeze in some quality play space for Eddie. We’ve got a sand/rocks box out there already that he is a little blasé about. I don’t think we have room for a swingset, but maybe a small slide? We’ll see.

Here is my inspiration for this space:


2 thoughts on “House Updates: The backyard

  1. […] Here is where I originally posted about our backyard. It’s special because there is actually no grass. It’s all brick, with the exception of a little courtyard with some small trees. It’s still working out pretty well for me. It’s low maintenance, and I think its pretty cute. […]

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