Three Bean Chili + Cornbread

June is over.

A normally gorgeous, sunny and pleasant month in Pittsburgh, but not this year. Can’t say I am sad to see June go, this year. This is what June looked like this year:


And this is what June looked like this year, on a good day:


And it’s felt a little like fall. Huddled up indoors to escape the dark, the damp, and chill. Sounds like a good time for some chili.

Vegan chili and cornbread
Vegan chili and cornbread

Its pretty much just like the chili I made here. Minus the root vegetables. Note: Always put avocado on your chili. Always.

The cornbread muffins, I made with a mix. I subbed ground flaxseedmeal for the eggs to make them vegan-ish. I am not totally sure the mix was animal-free. Hence the “ish.” And also added a can of creamed corn to make them delicous-ish. And that jam? It’s raspberry jalapeno. Yum.

Vegan chili and cornbread


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