We Bought a House.

It’s official.

We bought a house. It looks like this!

new house

It’s smaller than our old house. But I’m kind of happy about that. I’m looking forward to owning less stuff.

It gets lots of natural light. But the backyard is cool and shady. I like it.

It’s not the neighborhood we thought we would move to. But I’m okay with that too. In fact, I might like this neighborhood even more. It’s still much closer to both of our works. It’s still got cute, quiet, tree-lined streets. Still has lots of other young families to have BBQs with. One HUGE park. That is very close to our house. A few restaurants. But they are really good restaurants. I don’t have any friends there… yet. But, still. Lots of exciting new things.

We’ve been putting things in boxes, taking things out of boxes, ordering take out, and herding toddlers like crazy.

Everything is pretty chaotic right now.

I’m excited to get used to this house’s smells. And feels. And floors.

I talked before about how my old house made me feel like I had put my past behind me, or moved on, or accomplished something. And I am grateful for that. I grew a lot in the old house. The new house makes me feel like I could be happy anywhere. It’s not as stately or grand as the old house, but this house has nothing to prove. It’s humble. And that is a good thing, too.

When we moved into our old house, everything was freshly remodeled. Which was nice. Except that I felt like I couldn’t change it. Or shouldn’t change it. It seems silly to repaint walls that were just painted a few months ago. Our new house is in good shape. It doesn’t need much. But it definitely wants something. I am pretty excited to really make it my own. Matt and I have some big plans for it.

There are millions of houses. Any house can be a home.


3 thoughts on “We Bought a House.

  1. We live in a small home and love how much easier it is! We prefer to have less stuff and find it easier to manage! Enjoy your new home! 🙂

    1. Thank you! I look forward to getting to a point where I agree with you! Ha ha. I know we’ll get there, it’s just so crazy right now!

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