Loving Lately:

These kids’ shirts:

smart tees

I love love love these tee shirts from Land’s End. Smart Tees. They have brainy themes for boys AND GIRLS! I’ll admit that Land’s End might not be the first brand that comes to mind when I am thinking of cool kid’s clothes. But these fun shirts feature themes like space exploration, chemistry and other sciencey themes. It’s pretty hard sometimes to find girls’ clothes that reflect the depth and breadth of girl personalities, and I think this is super awesome. Thanks, Land’s End, for realizing that we have hobbies and interests other than pink and unicorns.

Stitch Fix:


Ummm. Have you checked this out? Stitch Fix is a subscription based service. You tell them your size, all kinds of stuff about your style, and they send you a box of clothes and accessories. You can keep what you like, and send the rest back. I’m totally digging it. I love that I get great stuff without leaving my house. And I love that I get someone else’s fresh perspective on my style. I’ve gotten and loved a few pieces that I would have never picked for myself. It’s great for busy moms who still want to look good. They just started carrying maternity stuff and petites. But they could and should totally offer plus sizes, too. That is my only complaint, Stitch Fix. Everyone should have access to this awesomeness.

This song:

Not sure why, but I just can’t get “Jackie and Wilson” out of my head this week.

This chick’s Pinterest boards:

I know this is kind of weird, but I just stumbled upon Kirsty Logan‘s Pinterest boards, and I was intrigued by these collections of beautifully somber images she curated. So I creeped on her. I discovered that she is an author and these boards are inspiration for her novels… So I guess I kind of have to check out her writing now. Right?

What about you? Did you discover anything awesome lately?


4 thoughts on “Loving Lately:

    1. Right?? I am pretty sure I had some when I was a kid. I feel like everything in the 80’s was either glow-in-the-dark or scratch-n-sniff.

  1. I just read Kirsty Logan’s excellent book, The Gracekeepers, if you’re inspired by her images, you definitely must read her book, it’s an amazingly creative, imaginative world and now thanks to you I am going to look at her visual inspiration, as she leaves much to the imagination of the reader in that respect and I’d really love to to actually see what inspired the world she created.

    1. So awesome! Thanks so much for commenting. I’m so happy to hear that the imagery in her book corresponds with her visual eye. I had never even heard of her, and somehow I just stumbled upon those boards and was mesmerized! I will definitely check out that book!

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