Baby Stylin: Pink for Boys.

As a follow up to this post, I thought I would look for some ways I could vary my kid’s wardrobe a little. Incorporate more interesting, expressive colors. Break the blue-griege cycle.

Hypothetically speaking. In a dream world. Because honestly, I try to buy mostly second hand stuff for Eddie. I’m fine with splurging on a few extra special super cute items for him. “Statement pieces”, if you will. But he grows out of stuff in a few days.

Also, do you know how long accessories such as hats and sunglasses stay on Eddie? Less than 2 seconds.

Even so, a mom can dream, right? Some of this stuff is just too cute to resist.

Anyway, here are three outfits; three ways I would definitely put pink on my little boy.


Hat – Coal Super Slouch Beanie – This isn’t a kid’s beanie. But I want it to be.

Tee – Hello Apparel – This cute popsicle shirt is no longer available, but Hello Apparel has tons of cute kids things.

Jeans – H&M kids

Shoes – Converse. So cute. I love the mint and the pink for both boys and girls.


Tee – Kid and Kind – So sad that they don’t have this in pink anymore! I love their kid’s shirts.

Shades – Carters

Jeans – Osh Kosh

Shoes – Twig Kids via 6pm. Technically, I am pretty sure these are girl shoes. But last time I checked, toddler boys and toddler girls had very similar feet.


Hat: H&M Kids

Onesie: Gnome Enterprises (Etsy Shop) These guys have awesome screen printed kid’s stuff.

Pants: Target

Shoes: Saucony via Zappos. These are definitely girl’s shoes. Once again. Who cares.


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