Loving Lately:

This podcast:


Image from http://www.npr.org/allsongs



My morning commute has been brightened by NPR Music podcast All Songs Considered. Hosts Bob Boilen and Robin Hilton play a wide variety of newly released music. Mostly alternative, pop and some hip hop. It’s been a great way to discover some new interesting stuff. Since, sadly, my friends and I don’t really make each other mix tapes, anymore. I need stuff like this.

These tee shirts:

image from http://www.sevenly.org

These are the tee shirts I have been searching for. Sevenly shirts are graphic, artsy, soft, feminine cut, and age-appropriate. AND humanitarian. 7$ of every purchase made on sevenly.com goes to charity! Now maybe I can finally try out some of those tee shirt styling ideas I’ve been pinning on pinterest for like 5 years. Under a blazer? Tucked into a pencil skirt? A side knot?!?!

This book:

Image from http://www.amazon.com

I’m always searching for great books for Eddie, and oh my goodness. Get ready for cuteness overload. I looove this kid’s book by Scott Campbell: Hug Machine. It features a little boy who’s mission is to hug everyone and everything, fueled by pizza, of course. The illustrations are adorable. Plus I totally dig books that teach that affection is totally appropriate for boys!

This place:

Image from http://www.expedia.com

Every time I go to  the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, I am blown away by how awesome it is. Four floors of crazy, re-purposed, up-cycled fun for your kids of all ages. It looks like what would happen if a mechanical engineer, a kinetic sculptor, and a recycling-obsessed environmentalist were put in a machine that turned them all back into kids. And then they built a playground/museum. I just purchased a year-membership here. Yay.


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