Who is he talking to??

Eddie loves to pretend everything is a telephone. He holds a random object up to his ear and says “hi!” And then he walks around holding the whatever between his cheek and shoulder and pretends to talk on the phone. No real words. Just cute little babbles.


He is also obsessed with anything with buttons and/or screens. Remote controls, phones, the ice-making buttons on the refrigerator, our stereo.


Anyway. That’s what he is doing here. He was pretending his baby monitor is a phone. And I grabbed my camera and took a few quick shots. So pardon the snotty tissue on the couch arm. It was impromptu.


He looks so grown up in these pictures. His little face looks more like a kid, and less like a baby every day. He is smarter and funnier all the time. And his personality keeps getting bigger and bolder. I just can’t get over how fast it happens. I know, everyone says it. But it doesn’t prepare you for the experience.


I feel like every stage in his development is my favorite. Except the newborn phase. That stage sucked. But other than that! Every stage is my favorite. I get so sad when I think about him outgrowing this stage, but then, when it happens, the next one is even better.


I guess that’s why people do this parenting thing. Even though it prevents us from partying and staying out late. Robs us of our previously defined self identities and forces us to reevaluate our principals. Makes us tired, makes us fat, and makes us clean up shit every day. Somehow, despite all that, it’s still pretty great.


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