Loving Lately:

This album: ordinary riches

It’s not new, but it’s new-ish to me. In fact, Company of Thieves is not together anymore, which is a bummer. Because Genevieve Schatz is amazing. I don’t know what she is doing these days, but I hope it’s something great.

These boots:

franco sarto

Having great boots makes winter a little more bearable. These Franco Sarto boots are definitely great boots. I copied my friend, Christa. She has similarly great boots. And I am always jealous of how nicely styled her ankles always look.

These kid’s shirts:


Three Little Numbers has the cutest kids tees. They are just snarky enough to be totally cute, but not obnoxious or rude. I just ordered Eddie this one. Tee hee!

This podcast:


Actually, I have been perpetually loving One Bad Mother for like, two years now. My friend Annie introduced me to it, and I started listening when I was pregnant. It was a great primer for parenthood. It’s funny, super real, and totally validating when you’re feeling overwhelmed, under-appreciated and over-mommed. Yes, I just made that word up. I feel like Biz and Theresa are my friends in real life! They’d probably feel like that’s creepy.


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