Dad-tastic Matt.

It was recently Valentines Day. Not sure if you heard.

It’s a dumb holiday. But we like to use it as an excuse to get a sitter and go out. We went to Casbah for dinner. It was amazing. And then we went to see the New Pornographers. It was also amazing, but it’s kind of hard to stand and watch a show after you just ate four delicious courses of awesomeness… Seriously, first world problems.

It is a dumb holiday. But we make it a fun holiday. It got me reflecting on my relationship, and how it has changed since we’ve had a kid.

It’s changed a lot. And honestly, it can be tough. We have less time. We’re rushed and stressed. It can be hard to find time to pause a little, and just appreciate each other.

And under all that stress, I can get annoyed easily over little things.

For example, occasionally, Matt does this thing where he is trying to be super nice and helpful, and he inadvertently makes my day harder.

If he thinks I might forget something important, as I am wont to do, he may intentionally put it in a spot where he thinks I will see it, and therefore remember it, in the morning. But then I look for it in it’s original place, and spend 20 minutes tearing the house apart looking for it, because it’s not in the place that I expected it to be.

So, basically, my biggest problem is that my husband is a little too thoughtful. And little too awesome.

I guess I picked a good one. Did I mention he is a great dad, too? Here are some of my favorite shots of my men.


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