Wintery Hike!

I’m pretty over winter. The cold. The grey. The salt. I’m done. Spring can’t come soon enough. I want to bare my legs to the world. I want to feel temperate winds on my face.

Unfortunately, I can’t do anything to make spring happen faster. But one thing that does make me feel better in the winter, is going outside. It’s counter-intuitive, really.

“Hey, this cold is miserable, let’s go stand in it.”

So I was very excited to discover this awesome hiking trail.

Snow-covered awesomeness.

The Panhandle Trail is wide and super flat. It seems like it would be a great trail for easy walking, biking, running, and we even saw some cross country ski tracks in the snow while we were there! It’s a pretty short drive from Pittsburgh, but it feels pretty secluded.

Eddie is being a great sport, despite the cold.

My friend, Rachel and I intended to check out this: Hike It Baby. Its a hiking club for you and your baby. AWESOME, right?? They have branches all over! I highly recommend checking it out.

Rachel and Ivy scope out some frozen falls.

However, Eddie just couldn’t get his shit together in time. (JK, he was napping) So we missed the actual hiking meet up event, but decided to go hike the trail anyway when both of our kids were awake. (Go us, right??)

Eddie looks thrilled. I really am thrilled. Because I am wearing a fanny pack, duh.

It was cold.

Baby hike selfie #2.

I’m so impressed with myself that I actually left the house to intentionally spend time outside in the winter! Even though it was frigid, and we didn’t stay out too long, it felt amazing to get a little exercise and expose myself to sunlight.

A colorful and cold bike.

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