Eddie meets Annie.

Way back in October… When it wasn’t so blustery. And there was still sunlight in Pittsburgh.

I’m just going to pause a minute, and bask in the warm sunny glow of these pictures…

That other lovely lady in the pictures is my BFF Annie. We’ve been friends since we were 14. That’s, like, almost 20 years. Which is a little unbelievable to me. Especially considering all the different and separate meanderings our lives have taken us on. We haven’t lived within 5 hours of each other since 2000… I think? And a few times, there has been an ocean between us. Now Annie is a kick-ass ceramic artist in New Hampshire.

She scores ridiculously high on the smart/funny/cool scale. I guess that’s why we’ve been buds so long!

And now Eddie gets to hang out with her, too.  Lucky us!

Anyway, these pictures were taken in one of my favorite nature-y spots in Pittsburgh: North Park.


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