I have been asked by more than one person in my life, “Will you ever be content?”



It’s something I used to worry about. Because as a young adult, I certainly didn’t feel content. And I didn’t really know what to do in order to become content.

Recently, my husband asked me about this.

In reference to the way that I so frequently… switch things up. Change my mind. Take things apart. Try a new perspective. Think I may have found a better way. Reassess. He very kindly, and euphemistically told me that I “challenge him to be better” or “keep him on his toes.”

Was he trying to tell me that I am a perfectionist? Never satisfied? Ill content. And is he right?

When I was younger, I thought of happiness as a goal. Like something I could reach if I just worked hard enough.

So maybe that’s how this all started. But it’s become something else.

I am not content to let things as they are, if I think they can be better. And they usually can. I can always be better.

I am not a fan of settling.

I’m sure I can be very difficult to live with.

As I have gotten older, I no longer think of happiness as a goal, but a journey.

And I have figured out that the answer to that question is: No, I will never be content.

But I am happy.

And I am satisfied with that.



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