One Year of Eddie.

This is the day we brought Eddie home from the hospital. Christmas Day, 2013.
one month.
This is a sleepy little baby yawn. These monster pajamas make me so nostalgic.
This is Eddie’s first social smile caught on camera. A glorious milestone indeed.
3 months.
I took this picture right before I went back to work after maternity leave.
4 months.
I remember that I took this picture on a Saturday morning, and it was one of the first really nice days in spring. (Look at his cute fat feet!)
Eddie’s first airplane chair. Kind of a big deal.
6 months
Right around when he began to sit up by himself. He was pretty happy during this phase. Happy, I think, with the ability to see more stuff going on around him.
This is one of my favorite pictures of Eddie. Because of his cute little smile and his knuckle dimples.
Eddie started doing a weird dragging/army crawl this month.
This month was nuts. Eddie was so ready to move, and still not a great crawler. He was pretty frustrated and upset about it. I couldn’t even get him to smile for this picture!
He’s pretty awesome at crawling by 10 months, and back to his smiley self. And also said his first word, “Hi!”
Mr giggle pants has so much more energy than his parents.
12 months
Look how big he is. He is a pro free-stander and cruiser but not quite walking. He says, “hi”, “bye”, “uh oh” and “cheese”

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