Song Exploder.

So I love this.

It’s a super cool music podcast, Song Exploder. Each episode, Hrishikesh Hirway interviews a band or an artist about one of their songs, and then kind of dissects it. They talk about all the little sound bits and sound pieces, and how they made those sounds. And also the inspiration and the process of creating the song. And sort of like, their mental space when they were in the studio. And its just sooo cool.

I don’t know a lot about music. As in, music theory. Or recording music. Or really anything. I know nothing. But it’s still perfectly enjoyable for me. It amazes me how even though I know nothing about music, as a visual artist, the creative process is still so relatable.

Another cool thing is that the episodes are only 10-ish minutes long. So it’s less of a commitment than some of the other podcast I listen to. But its also kind of a bad thing because I just gobble them up. I listen to like 6 in a row on my way to work and then I’m all “Nooooo there are no more to listen toooo!!”

I’ve discovered so many artists that I now love from this podcast.

Also, Hrishikesh is in this band, The One AM Radio. Who are also pretty cool.


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