Moths and Metamorphosis.

For some reason, I have encountered several instances of moths lately.

I learned that the last week in July is National Moth Week. I read about this woman, who crochet herself into a cocoon.

I somehow stumbled upon this article about “mothing”. Which I had never heard of, but became intrigued. How fun would all those moths be to photograph?

Recently listened to this Radiolab episode. (black box)

If you’ve never listened to Radiolab, the hour-long science/philosophy shows are usually divided into three segments that loosely relate to a single theme. Sometimes it’s really loose. This episode, “Black Box” focuses on things that go in one way, come out another, and how that change occurred, is unknown. One of the segments focuses on the fact that what actually happens to caterpillars inside a cocoon/chrysalis is kind of a mystery. Most people assume that they just grow some wings in there, and then hatch and stretch out those new wrinkly wings. But if you were to peer inside a cocoon/chrysalis, all that is inside there is goo. A caterpillar becomes goo, and then the goo becomes a butterfly or a moth. They are actually transforming into an entirely different creature at the cellular level.

Also, Radiolab is awesome. Just sayin.

It made me think about all the weird things that changed when I became a mother. There are the common things, that everyone constantly tells you about: I shower less, fall asleep earlier and wake more easily and frequently. I am more sensitive and sentimental and therefore cry about things that probably wouldn’t have bothered me before. The news is harder for me. I don’t really watch/read it. It’s harder to hear about bad things happening in the world. I know it’s kind of my social duty to remain informed, but… I just figure I’ll get back to that some day. Maybe.

But also, there are all these even stranger changes. Certain foods taste different, I no longer have migraines (so far) and I no longer care about showing my shoulders in public. I used to hate showing my shoulders in public. I know, its fucking weird. Also, sometimes, before I had a baby, there would be this weird white static in my vision. No longer. It’s crazy to think how many of our feelings and thoughts are really just chemicals. And how many of our experiences and even our traits are influenced by hormones. All these things that we consider personal and unique to ourselves.

Pretty deep, right?

Not sure how the goo relates.



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