This song always reminds me of springish-summer. Like dappled sunlight through trees.

It’s about enjoying what you have, while daydreaming about having something different/more. Or even less. I’ve been relating to this song a lot lately. I do really really love Pittsburgh. It’s a beautiful city, with its rivers and mountains and bright yellow bridges stretching between them. It’s vibrant yet unpretentious. There’s so much to do, so many inspiring things. Great things for kids to do. So much delicious food. We can afford a house here. I’m happy in this city. It’s become home to me.

It’s just… sometimes I wish I could live somewhere with more space and more quiet. Where I could live next door to trees instead of other doors. Or somewhere where I could see the stars a little better at night. That’s all.


I read somewhere once someone likened Feist’s voice to tiny kitten feet padding across a floor (or something like that). Like super soft, but just a little scratchy. I really liked that description and it’s stuck with me. I mean, what’s sweeter than kitten feet?




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