I won an award for these cupcakes!

I don’t win a lot of awards.


I made these cupcakes for a bake sale at my husband’s place of work. I won third place in the “cakes and pies” category. He won’t tell me how many other people were in the “cakes and pies” category, so it very well may have been only three. Which means I got an award for being the worst. But, whatever, man. It’s still an award.


These cupcakes contain chocolate sandwich cookies, otherwise known as “Oreos”. I feel like I read somewhere that Oreos made a list of the worst foods ever for you. The criteria for making this list are surely arbitrary. Anyway, it’s all about moderation.


Maybe I’ll start a weekly feature in this blog called “Over-Processed Tuesday” where every Tuesday I post a recipe made out of something filled with trans fats.


Just kidding, I won’t do that.

But these cupcakes ARE really good.


2 thoughts on “I won an award for these cupcakes!

  1. I love Oreos and I can eat my weight in them. It usually goes something like this: buy a box, eat it in one sitting, poop black for days! Lol! 😆

    These cupcakes look epic! Congrats on the award!

  2. Oh man. I know that scenario all too well. I bought 2 boxes of Oreos when I made these cupcakes, not knowing how many I’d need. And I only ended up using one box. So the other box of Oreos was my delicious and constant companion for a while.

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