Cloudy Day in the South Hills.

Free concert at South Park Amphitheater! Sister Hazel played… but Eddie, Matt and I had to leave before they came on. Bedtime beckoned. Bummer. I would have loved to hear them play that one 90’s alternative song they play. You know… that song.

It was super overcast. Which presents all sorts of photographing challenges. I think they came out okay. Except for the sullen 90’s alternative expression on all of the children. I swear, they are happy kids. They must have been channeling Seattle on this day. I could just title this gallery, “Copious images of our children looking unimpressed and underwhelmed while we laugh and have fun in spite of them.” Only Elliot smiles.

Hmm. If our kids were in a 90’s alternative band, that could be their name. Only Elliot Smiles.

Where’s the flannel?


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