July 4th

Nothing we planned to do on July 4th happened. You know, we had tentative plans to go to this BBQ, or meet up with that person, and none of it worked out. It was just one of those times where all your plans fall through.

Most perfect day on a most perfect lake.

But, holy shit, it was the nicest day that Pittsburgh has ever seen. So we had to do something.

So, somewhat spontaneously, we decided to take a hike. We ended up at North Park. The weather was perfect. North Park is amazing. I had never been there before. It’s huge (like 3,000 acres huge), has great wooded hiking and biking trails, a gorgeous lake, kayaking, a huge swimming pool, zip-lining, and best of all…

A bar.

GENIUS.  I don’t know who’s idea it was to put a bar with great beer and great food right in the middle of a beautiful park, but that person needs some kind of award. Because what’s better than finishing a tough hike and having a super convenient place to have a chill dinner and some drinks. Right there on the lake. On a patio. In the sunshine. Plus, Over the Bar is a bicycle themed place. Totally appropriate.

Then, we came home, put Eddie to bed, and sat on the porch until the sun went down. Pretty good day!

Oh, and I made some shortcakes, too.


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