Father’s Day

Hooray! It’s Matt’s first ever Father’s Day! (Not counting the one for which I was pregnant.)

I purchased tickets to a Pirates game. Special tickets. Tickets that included this cool beer-tasting event before the game in the Club Level.

photo 1

It was a lot of fun!

It’s a good thing we had seats in the Club Level (which is covered). Because it rained. A lot.

photo 2

At first, I wondered if it was shitty that instead of hanging out with our kid on Father’s Day, we hired a sitter and went out on a date. But I think it’s important to spend time together where we can actually have a full conversation without being vomited on. And I think spending some time and effort on that relationship makes us better parents in the end. Would it be so bad if this was our Mother’s Day/Father’s Day tradition?

Also, he’s only 5 months old. I guess I could change my mind later. When he is old enough to appreciate the sentiment of being with his dad on Father’s Day.

Also, it’s kind of a made up holiday, isn’t it? Matt’s a pretty great dad every day.

Not to get all sappy, but Matt is a really really awesome dad. He is kind and thoughtful and way more patient than me.

Eddie got pretty lucky.

And so did I.

Yeah, baseball!



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